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Good news! The first Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers Supermystery will be released in May of next year. The cover art can be viewed - The tagline makes it sound as though Frank and Joe will become bad guys in Bayport...

Here are some more cover art updates:

Graphic Novel 5: - Sea You, Sea Me

Graphic Novel 6: - - Hyde and Shriek

Undercover Brothers #10: - Blown Away

Undercover Brothers #11: - Hurricane Joe

Posted on Nov. 24 @ 6 PM by Austin.

Her Interactive Trailer

Her Interactive has released a great new Blue Moon Canyon trailer. To see it, go here: - Blue Moon Trailer

Posted on Nov. 4 @ 9 PM by Austin.

Hardy Boys Graphic Novel 5 Title

According to, the title for GN5 is Sea You, Sea Me!

No cover art has been released.

Posted on Oct. 23 @ 10 PM by Austin.

Tom Swift Returns

On a slightly off topic note, the Library of Congress now has an entry for the first installment in next year's new Tom Swift Young Inventor series. The book is to be called Into the Abyss. .

This will make the fifth generation of Tom Swifts in the publishing world!

Posted on Oct. 17 @ 5 PM by Austin.

Blue Moon Canyon Article

The Yahoo! Finance section today featured an article on the new Blue Moon Canyon Hardy/Drew PC Game.

To view the article - .

On a related note, various members of the series book ecommunities report that the game and strategy guide are now definitely available for purchase. NETPEAK Business-Friendly Internet Marketing Agency: SEO Services, Pay Per Click, SMM etc.

Posted on Sept. 27 @ 11 PM by Austin.

Bayport Gazette Issue 16 Released

Dateline Bayport (NY): The case of the missing Bayport Gazette is finally solved. The long-running Hardy Boys webzine returns after a long hiatus. Sporting a new look, it brings you the same information, interviews and articles you've come to expect. Read our exclusive interview with Michael Paganini, creative director at Her Interactive. Also check out our new features: The Curator and The Collecting and Preservation Corner. Be sure to read special correspondent Janet DeVries' coverage of Judy Bolton fans coming to the aid of Hurricane Katrina victims. For all this, the scoop on book conventions past and future, our trademark interviews and series features and much more, click !
Posted on Sept. 16 @ 9 PM by Austin.

Hardy-Boys.Com On The Air

A news station in New York did a piece on the Hardy Boys, using as the site on the web for information!

You can watch it at:

News 10 Now Hardy Boys Feature
Posted on Sept. 16 @ 8 AM by Austin.

Tragedy of Katrina
Our hearts go out to those families affected by Katrina. Please keep in your prayers Dean of the Nancy Drew Sleuths list (Slidell, LA), Stephanie of the Hardy Detective Agency Boards (near Biloxi, MS), and Flynn De Marco (New Orleans, LA), the writer and star of The Wax Museum Mystery, a Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew play performed last month.
Posted on August 30 @ 9 PM by Austin.

One Blue Moon Canyon was sent this blurb of Blue Moon Canyon. Thanks!!!

In this newest release from the Nancy Drew game series, the teen detective must solve one of her hardest mysteries yet. Jake Hurley, a nineteenth century adventurer, disappears on a train ride during a gold mining journey. Jake's supposed friend Lori Girard has asked Nancy to figure out what happened to Jake. Was he kidnapped because he struck gold? Or did he run away so he could keep his riches all to himself? Step inside Nancy's shoes as she investigates Jake's creepy train and the old mining town of Copper Gorge. For the first time ever, the famous Hardy Boys (Frank and Joe) will appear in the game as animated characters. They'll be ready to help players uncover the mystery of the last train to Blue Moon Canyon.
Posted on August 16 @ 11 PM by Austin.

Screenshots from Blue Moon Canyon has gained access to a few screenshots from the upcoming game. Enjoy!

• Screenshot 1
• Screenshot 2
• Screenshot 3
• Screenshot 4
Posted on August 16 @ 11 PM by Austin.

New Information About Blue Moon Canyon
Blue MoonHer Interactive has updated its - =- website with a bit of information about Blue Moon Canyon. Also, pictured at left is the newly-revealed cover art for the game.

Sarah Christensen gives us the following preview of the game:

You look out over a desert. There's a slight breeze. Nancy starts to speak...

Make you own digital photo book at "Great news! I think. See, Frank and Joe Hardy have invited me to help them solve a mystery. Only this mystery takes place on a train. But not just any train --- a train that was found abandoned years ago in the middle of nowhere. All of it's passengers had simply --- vanished. Some people say the train is jinxed. Others say it's haunted. I mean, it'll be fun to finally work along side the Hardy Boys, but I just hope the trip we're going on doesn't turn out to be, you know --- one way..."

The wind picks up and blows the dirt around. It uncovers a piece of paper that blows around and hits the computer screen so you can read it. It says:

Frank and Joe Hardy (and guests) You are invited to join Miss Lori Girard for a journey aboard HURLEY'S COMET the train will depart track 7 at Union Central Station

Then it blows away again and you can hear coyotes or wolves howling in the background. And it fades...
Posted on August 16 @ 10 PM by Austin.

Hardy Boys Spy Set Now Available
Kevin Denis of the Nancy Drew Sleuths reports that the Hardy Boys Spy Set is now available for purchase in stores. This is a boxed set of volumes 1-4 and appears to be a rather poor marketing strategy, as everyone has already purchased the first four volumes anyway.
Posted on August 14 @ 8 PM by Austin.

Bayport Gazette Website Remodeled
The Bayport Gazette homepage ( or click on menu at left) has been updated and rejuvenated. Check it out!
Posted on August 11 @ 7 PM by Austin.

Nancy Drew First Edition on eBay
NDA super-rare first edition Nancy Drew Old Clock has turned up on eBay. The current price is $3,000.00, but it will definitely rise. Less than ten dust jacketed copies are known to exist.
Posted on August 11 @ 7 PM by Austin.

Website Updates & News
First off, we have updated our poll question. With 147 votes, our old question was answered "yes" by over 70% of you guys! You can see the records of old polls on the left hand menu, under the miscellaneous category. To vote in the new poll, please see the right hand, interactive menu.

In an interesting development, last month (July) broke our records for webstats. We had over 5100 unique visitors for the month, and over 240,000 hits. Here's to hoping we break even that record this month!

I also updated the Site Info page this afternoon, and finally got the Spanish Record & Comics pages online.
Posted on August 3 @ 11 PM by Austin.

New Undercover Brothers Section
Our new Undercover Brothers portion of the site is now online. A couple of pages will be finished over time as the series progresses. You can see the site here or by clicking on Undercover Brothers in the left hand menu.
Posted on August 3 @ 3 PM by Austin.

Hardy-Boys.Com Yahoo's 'Pick of the Day'
Our very own website is featured in today's pick of the day on! You can view the homepage - here (only for Wednesday) and a list of picks - - here.
Posted on August 3 @ 3 PM by Austin.

More Book News
Alaina Pinelli reports that Casefile 45 is also now available at Dollar Tree stores.
Posted on August 3 @ 3 PM by Austin.

Book News
From Ted Magilley: The Library of Congress website lists the first Undercover Brothers Super Mystery as "Wanted" out in June 2006.

From Paul Mular: Our local Dollar Tree store just got some more New Casefiles in! [Hardy Boys # 2, 4, 49, 84, 93.]

Also of interest: The Search for the Snow Leopard has been reprinted for an eighth time in a blue spine Aladdin edition.
Posted on July 24 @ 6 PM by Austin.

Frank & Joe In The Media
There have been some interesting articles published as of late which mention the Hardys, mostly they tie in with the release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:
• - The Capital Times
• - Macleans
• - Kolkata Newsline
• - Dayton Daily News
Posted on July 23 @ 6 AM by Austin.

Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew Play Debuts in New Orleans
Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew Play in New OrleansNancy Drew and the Hardy Boys in The Wax Museum Mystery, a play starring Flynn De Marco (Joe), Rod Lemaire (Frank), and Elizabeth Pearce (Nancy) premiered last Friday at One Eyed Jacks (615 Toulouse St) in New Orleans.  The tagline for the show reads: A trunk of curious old costumes lead keen teen sleuths to an eccentric who runs a spooky wax museum in London.

As a side note, this sounds eerily similar to the unpublished Supermystery #37, although that volume was to center around an actual playhouse, not a wax museum.

For more information, please visit the - Running With Scissors website.
Posted on July 18 @ 10 PM by Austin.

Hardy Boys Promo Items From S&S has now acquired images of some other promotional items currently in use to market the Hardy Boys series. To view, please click below:

• Floor Display Model
• Counter Display
• Shelf Talker
• Clip Strip

To view the brochure with these images, click here.
Posted on July 18 @ 10 PM by Austin.

Hardy Boys Episode on Mickey Mouse Club DVD
The introductory episode of the Hardy Boys Ghost Farm serial is included on the newly released Best of the Mickey Mouse Club, as reported earlier this month.

Thanks to Paul Mular, we now have some images of the DVD case and disc: please click here and here to view these items. Thanks, Paul!
Posted on July 18 @ 10 PM by Austin.

Hardy Boys Spy Pen From S&S has acquired one of the new Hardy Boys "Spy" pen/radio collectibles via Jenn Fisher of the NYC conference.  This pen will be awarded to the five winners of the Hardy Boys Sweepstakes. 
To view a somewhat blurry image (sorry!) of the piece, click here.
Posted on July 13 @ 10 PM by Austin.

New Hardy Boys Cover Art Debut
S&S-Sleuth website now has the cover art up for Top Ten Ways to Die, #8 in the new Undercover Brother series.

To view, please" target="_new - click here.
Posted on July 13 @ 4 PM by Austin.

New Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Official Website, Official Contest

Thanks to Sal for this info.
Posted on July 4 @ 10 PM by Austin.

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